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Accessibility Features

The owners and creators of this site are supporters of the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium.  A number of accessibility features have been incorporated into the site, which are listed here.  You can reach this information by using the access key combination "Alt + s" from any page.

  1. This site uses a 'content first', tableless layout so that users of text readers and similar devices get the content without having to wade through other stuff first.  Tables may be used to display information in a tabular format, but not as the basic structural layout of the page.
  2. Relative font sizes are used, so that the font size can be dynamically adjusted by the reader.  The way this works may vary from browser to browser but, for example, in Internet Explorer, you can select 'text size' from the 'view' menu to increase or decrease the size of the fonts displayed on these pages.
  3. The site uses "Access Keys" to enable navigation of the site by people who prefer not to use a mouse.  Any of the navigation menu options can be selected using the access key combination of 'Alt' plus the first letter of the menu option.  For example 'Alt' plus 'b' will take you to the Bespoke Furniture Gallery from any page.  The only exception is the 'Cabinet Making' page which can be accessed by 'Alt' plus 'm' for making.  Users of Internet Explorer will also need to hit the 'enter' key, but users of many other browsers (Netscape 6+, Firefox and others) need only use 'Alt' plus the Access Key.  Mac users should use their 'control' key.  The Site Map is available from the key combination 'Alt' plus 'm'.

Website Design

This site was designed and built by Steve Teare.  I handle all aspects from domain aquisition to hosting, coding, writing content and search engine optimisation.  This site has been designed from the ground up to appeal both to search engines and to potential customers.

At the time of writing, it consistently ranks first (Worldwide) in searches for 'handmade furniture' in Google, and well for a number of other relevant terms.  As a result, it has delivered a steady flow of new business to Dimension Furniture, leading to a substantial improvement in turnover.

If you would like me to do the same for your business then you can contact me at stevet_athome@hotmail.com.  Please note though, that I will not accept work from direct competitors to sites I have already produced.

All images and editorial content of this site are Copyright © 2004 Dimension Furniture.  All Rights Reserved.  Reproduction or copying of the images or editorial content of this site for any purpose whatsoever is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission of the copyright owners.

Copyright is not reserved on the (XHTML) code from which this site is constructed.  So if you like the way something works, feel free to copy the code!

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